Dong Dinh Museum Da Nang Vietnam – The garden of memories

Dong Dinh Museum Da Nang Vietnam – The garden of memories. Located on a steep sloping up Hoang Sa Road. The museum has become a unique cultural destination for visitors. A vivid rendition of ancient values ​​with a harmonious combination of preserving the forest ecological space with cultural and artistic spaces.

Da Nang Tea Museum Da Nang – The garden of memories

As the name implies. The garden of memories – will evoke those who once came here an architectural space with deep cultural. Inspired by the ancient art, the breath of nature.

It is known that “family” is the name of the caryota mitislour. It is popular in Son Tra Forest. This plant grows naturally and is planted around the museum as a highlight of the general ecological landscape. Perhaps so it is named for the museum. Indigenous characteristics of nature here – Museum Dong Dinh Son Tra Da Nang.

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Gallery of Dong Dinh Museum

The exhibition space consists of four main areas:

  • Antiques gallery
  • fine art gallery
  • Memories of the fishing village
  • Ethnographic Museum.

Each zone has its own characteristics that bring to the impressive impression on visitors to the Museum of Da Nang Da Nang Painters.

The antique exhibit consists of two ancient houses in Kim Bong style. With a very ancient space. These two houses display the collection of ancient pottery by the subjects such as Sa Huynh culture collection with some precious stones such as leaf-shaped earrings (stone) and bracelet (stone) for the first time seen in Vietnam. The Cham pottery collection, ancient pottery found in the soil of Tra Kieu citadel (Duy Xuyen, Quang Nam) is a concern of domestic and foreign archaeologists, Go Sos ceramics (Binh Dinh) , collection of trade ceramics.

Recreate the culture of Dai Viet through the pottery collection of Dong Dinh Museum

Besides, there is a collection of pottery Dai Viet is a collection of quite diverse types and dates from the early to the first half of the 20th century. The origin of the collection is almost extended. from north to south. Among them, many are pottery of the dynasties of Lý, Trần, Lê sơ, Lê-Mạc and Nguyễn dynasty. The artifacts speak of the prosperity of pottery of the ancestors.

These antique collections are selected for displaying typical artifacts which have been certified by the council of experts (including national and local antiques experts).

Primitive ancient space of Dong Dinh

Another unique feature of the museum is the architectural and environmental appreciation. It is a modern architectural style garden house. There are different low backgrounds based on the primitive site of the site.

A modern architectural house uses forest ecological space. Built on a gentle hill. This unique architecture has been appreciated by ecologists and architects at home and abroad.

Three rooms in the house have different low background depending on the location of the land. And especially for the large stones penetrated inside the interior as a participation of nature itself and the house. This is a work used to display works of art. Immediate collection of paintings by two painters Dinh Y Nhi and Deng Viet Trieu.

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Traditional fishing village of Cham people

In addition to the two houses. Da Dinh Tea Museum Da Nang also preserves ancient culture with pictures of fishing village to the image of the ancient Cham. Taken in the years 1908-1910 at a special house called “Memories of fishing village”. These objects are worth noting because of the extra substance discovered. It also harmonizes harmoniously with the forest surrounding the Son Tra nature reserve Da Nang .

Another point of view to change the viewer’s taste is the ethnographic collection. Collected from the villages of ethnic minorities in the Central – Central Highlands. Displaying alternate works. Create effects compatible with the surrounding natural landscape.

This collection is the result of the years in which Doan Huy Giao has wandered documentary filmmaking in the vast plains, along the villages of the Central Highlands.

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