Hai Van Quan Da Nang Vietnam- Check in

Hai Van Quan – Check in. To satisfy curiosity and satisfying. Many young people did not hesitate to conquer the Hai Van pass and Check in Hai Van 1 time in life. There are even more dangers due to the famous high and dangerous pass

Conquer the Hai Van pass

Hai Van pass (also known as Van Van). The natural border between Thua Thien Hue and Danang. With a length of 21km squeezed across the high mountains of a passing branch pierced the sea of ​​the Truong Son range. Hai Van Pass (meaning sea and clouds because the waves pat the foot and year round clouds. top cover). This is considered the most beautiful and the most dangerous mountain pass Vietnam on the journey to the South to the North for more than 700 years. Hai Van pass has a height at the top of the pass is 496m above sea level.

In the 15th century, King Le Thanh Tong once stopped at the top of the pass to admire poetry. Surprised by the beautiful scenery and the majesty of the sky here, the king ordered Hai Van named “the most powerful hero”. King Minh Mang after the throne also visited the beautiful scenery of Hai Van and the stone gate at the top of the pass carved with the words “The first great hero”.

Many oral traditions of residents in the area tell that when Lord Nguyen Hoang was holding the land of Quang Nam, the road passing Hai Van pass dared to travel by one side is high mountain with steep cliffs, one The sea is deep. This is the place where the animals of the evil and the hemp wild.

Chinh Phục Đèo Hải Vân - Check in Hải Vân Quan

Check in Hai Van Pass

Chinh Phục Đèo Hải Vân - Check in Hải Vân Quan 001

Hai Van Quan

Hai Van Quan, a collection of historical relics of military architecture of the Nguyen Dynasty. At 490m above sea level. This military block contains many buildings including a fortification system, a warehouse, a fortress, a fortress … This place is also a famous landscape. Recently, the provincial People’s Committee has directed responsible agencies to carry out the survey. Attach the name of the historical relics Hai Van Quan and the Hue Imperial Relief Center to submit a dossier submitted to the government for recognition as a national monument.

Hai Van Quan is recognized as a national historical monument on 14/4/2017. This is a historical and artistic monument located in Lang Co town (Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province) and Hoa Hiep Bac ward (Lien Chieu district, Da Nang city).

This is the construction of Tran Dynasty and was restored in the Nguyen Dynasty (Minh Mang 7th – 1826), located at an altitude of 490 m above sea level. fortifications, warehouses, headquarters, the fortress.

Chinh Phục Đèo Hải Vân - Check in Hải Vân Quan 002

Chinh Phục Đèo Hải Vân - Check in Hải Vân Quan 003

Chinh Phục Đèo Hải Vân - Check in Hải Vân Quan 004

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