Camping, picking up the sunrise at Canh Duong Beach “Hue” VietNam

Camping, picking up the sunrise at Canh Duong Beach “Hue”

Beach Scenery – Eco-tourism, environmental protection

You will experience and feel like a resting place for yourself and your loved ones, come here as you are at home, free to live, enjoy the rustic rustic dishes. Tastefully prepared, retain the natural flavor, pure sea flavor ……

Canh Duong Beachcamp is located in Canh Duong village, Loc Vinh commune, Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province, is a campsite located on the beautiful pristine beach. Here you will have a completely new experience, be close to nature, immerse yourself in sports and entertainment activities and more.

Cắm trại, đón bình minh tại Biển Cảnh Dương 07

Canh Duong Beach Resort is suitable for picnic and sightseeing.

What’s in Canh Duong Beachcamp

At this place you are free to bathing, relax, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can experience services such as:
– Participate in recreational activities organized by yourselves or Beach Camp Canh Duong such as blindfolded duck, tug …
– Sleeping tent
– Café
– Beach Bar – hold DJ, live music when you request and on holidays.
– camp fire + BBQ
– photography
– lighted handcuffs at night
– sunrise and sunset at the beach
– bike rental explore Canh Duong.
– Buying seafood from fishermen early in the morning.
– Have fun at sea sports

Cắm trại, đón bình minh tại Biển Cảnh Dương 14

Canh Duong Beachcamp

Typical dishes of Canh Duong such as:
fish, grouper, brown fish, pink snapper, rabbit fish,
squid … Squid: squid, octopus, octopus
Snails: snails, snails,
scallops … Scallops: scallops, scallops, scallops, scallops, blood cockles …
Crab: Crab is a specialty here is the most famous green crabs.
Also, when you have a need for lunch, we will provide the set menu with full price for you to choose freely.

Cắm trại, đón bình minh tại Biển Cảnh Dương 16

Camping in Canh Duong beachcamp?

Get out of the cramped chill-rooms to experience life in the middle of nature, spending the night in the midst of a hundred thousand light-filled huts, you will have an unbelievable sense of the word. Back in the doses set up next to the coast you will feel exciting new. On the back is the clean, clean air mattress on the flat sand, the tent door lifted up to the sea breeze, in the slight whispering waves that slowly bring you to sleep. After a night of sleep you are awakened by the roar of a bird that is staying in the hive to feel closer to nature than ever.

Service prices in Canh Duong Beach

– Free parking for guests at Canh Duong Beachcamp.
– Visitors, swimming, fresh water bath, using the toilet, not using food service: 20,000 vnd / person.
– Stay overnight – Canh Duong Beachcamp provides pillows, blankets, mats, lighting system, morning cleaning tools and accommodation for guests to stay: 30.000d / person.
– Price of firewood: 50.000 vnd / bundle
– Rent of coal oven + grilled charcoal + grill: 50.000 vnd.

Cắm trại, đón bình minh tại Biển Cảnh Dương

– Overnight tent rental: Includes: Screenings, pillows, blankets, morning hygiene.

Tents 2: 100k (day-night)
Tents 4 people: 180k (day – night)
tent 6: 270k (day – night)
tent 10: 450k (day – night)
tent 15: 600k (day – night)

Packages: 185k / person (for groups of 5 persons minimum) include:

– Dinner: Fresh pot (optional) + French fries + Steamed clam steamed + Fried fried rice + Fried frog with lemongrass
– Breakfast: Prawn noodles / porridge / ramen noodles
– Sleeping tent includes full items.

How to book food or tent at Canh Duong beachcamp:
Please email
– Full name:
– Phone number:
– Eat service: Eat or camp
– Arrival / Date of departure:
– Special request if applicable:

For more information please contact:
Hotline: 0905.759.000 – Dung

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