Travel and discover Phong Nha Ke Bang Cave

Travel and discover Phong Nha Ke Bang Cave. Phong Nha is a most typical of the aesthetic values ​​of the natural world. Created by the erosion process of the Flows from the rivers Son, Tram, Pond, Lava. These flows originate from small streams, to the cave Én, large streams flow underground into the limestone mountains to form caves.

Introduction of Phong Nha Ke Bang

According to British cave adventurers. Phong Nha Cave is the only cave in Vietnam reached 7 criteria:

  • The most beautiful underground river
  • There are high and wide store
  • There are sandy beaches, beautiful reefs
  • Beautiful lake
  • There is a wide and beautiful dry cave
  • There is a magical and wonderful stalactite system
  • Is the longest water cave.

Phong Nha is known as the first wonder in Quang Binh Vietnam. And was introduced through International Caver magazine (International Caves Magazine) has released widely. Many articles and photos of Phong Nha cave were published, which was published on 14 major universities in Europe.

Du Lịch Khám Phá Động Phong Nha Kẽ Bàng

Time to visit and sell tickets of the Phong Nha

Ticket office of the Phong Nha Cave Travel Center opens at 7:45 am – ends at 16:00.

Travel to Phong Nha cave

From the port of Son River dreaming. The downstream is about 4km to the gates. When the boats come to the boat shutdown, rowing visitors to deep in the heart. The more deeply into the interior, the feeling of heat of the summer in the Central Laos wind immediately disappear, the light now fades away then, a world of u linh, interesting … coming out ..

You will begin a cave tour with seven criteria selected by the Royal Caves Association of England.

The main part of Phong Nha Cave consists of 14 caves, connected by a water corridor up to 1500m long. The outer cave has a ceiling height of about 10m. From the fourth cave onwards, the ceiling is 25-50m high.

In addition, after the 14th cave, there are other corridors going deeper to reach larger caves. When visiting Bi Ky Cave will stop for visitors to visit Phong Nha cave. Enjoy close-ups with stalactites from the top down. The stalagmite stalks from the underside of the vegetation. Corridors filled with stalactite with unique shapes for visitors spoiled for imagination.

Du Lịch Khám Phá Động Phong Nha Kẽ Bàng 01

Pictrure of Phong Nha Cave (Collective)

Leaving Bi Ky Cave, the boat goes to Tien Cave and Cung Dinh Cave. You will feel like you are lost in the palatial palace, with all the stalactites that look like a multi-dimensional artistic display of creativity.

Du Lịch Khám Phá Động Phong Nha Kẽ Bàng 02

In addition, visitors can also see the ancient vestiges of the Cham. Represented by the characters left on the cliff.

Du Lịch Khám Phá Động Phong Nha Kẽ Bàng 03Du Lịch Khám Phá Động Phong Nha Kẽ Bàng 04

Du Lịch Khám Phá Động Phong Nha Kẽ Bàng 05

Du Lịch Khám Phá Động Phong Nha Kẽ Bàng 05

Du Lịch Khám Phá Động Phong Nha Kẽ Bàng 07

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