Thanh Ha Pottery Village – Hoi An Vietnam

Visiting Thanh Ha pottery village – Hoi An

Thanh Ha pottery village (Hoi An city, Quang Nam province). The only remaining pottery village uses manual or pedicure, without molds. This is how traditional pottery is kept for centuries. Especially, Thanh Ha pottery products are not glazed. Furnished by traditional wood stove to create products after firing many colors such as yellow, red, red brick, brown, pink, black …
Làng gốm Thanh Hà

History of Thanh Ha Pottery Village in Quang Nam

Located on Thu Bon River, in Thanh Ha Ward. Thanh Ha pottery village is more than 3km west of Hoi An ancient town. According to history, From the beginning of the 16th century, the pottery was inhabited by people from the Thanh Hoa area, they set up villages, built kilns, produce household pottery such as pots, bowls, plates, warmers serving both Central region of Central Vietnam.
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The development of the Pottery Village

The most prosperous period of Thanh Ha pottery village is around 17th – 18th. The prosperous period of Hoi An trade port. The products of the ceramic here are favored. Almost all merchants brought this item to the boat and carried it across Quang, Thua Thien. Even Thanh Ha pottery is crossed the ocean to Japan, China, Spain …
After many decades of survival. Thanh Ha pottery at the time promoted, when flourished flourishing. At times hard work. But with passion and love. The soul of the artists is summarized on each product. Bring the expectations and wishes. Bring the whole heart into life through each ceramic product made. Bringing together the tradition of the nation forever. Thus, the local people still keep their craft and are almost unique,
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The difference of Thanh Ha pottery with other ceramics

With special expertise of artisans. Experience in material handling. The visual sense of the flame rather than the use of thermometers. Artisans need to listen to the sound of fire, the heat of the furnace and the time of burning furnace is to know whether the ceramic has enough maturity or not.

Another special thing is Thanh Ha pottery due to not using yeast and any other chemicals. All ceramic products are used clay mixed, experience the pottery through the furnace. Use temperature to create many different shades of color such as red gold, red brick, brown, pink, black …

In addition to the product to serve the idyllic life. Thanh Ha pottery village also made many fine art products to serve tastes for tourists near and far. Serving the building, decoration, beauty of coffee shops, restaurants, resorts ….

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Coming to Thanh Ha pottery village. Also visit the shopping of ceramic souvenirs. Visitors also witnessed the technique of making traditional pottery but also folk crafts of the craftsmen of this village.

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