Visit La Vang Holy Land of Quang Tri – Vietnam

Visit La Vang Holy Land of Quang Tri – Vietnam. La Vang is located in Nguyen Cat Palace. Now in Hai Phu Commune, Hai Lang District. It is 6km south of Quang Tri town and 60km north of Hue city.

Pilgrimage to La Vang

La Vang is the national martial center of the Catholic Church in Vietnam.

1765-1801. Seeing hundreds of them mistaken, the people suffering from famine, war. Catholics are persecuted, imprisoned, killed. According to legend, Our Lady appeared in La Vang of Mary, who appeared in this area in 1798.

Meaning of the Name: La Vang Holy Land

There are two explanations about the name La Vang

  • According to a theory. Under King Canh Thinh Tay Son has policies against Catholicism. So to avoid punishment of the Tay Son. Many Catholics in Quang Tri Province have fled to this land. This is a remote mountain area so to communicate with each other they have to “shout” loud. That “la” is big “echoes”. The name La Vang was born from that.
  • Another explanation is that when the parishioners go to this land, they become sick. At that time Our Lady appeared and instructed them to find a leaf called leaf – drink to cure disease. Write “leaf leaves” do not mark La Vang.

The story of Our Lady of La Vang:

Viếng Thăm Thánh Địa La Vang Quảng Trị 01

According to the Archives of the Archdiocese of Hue – 1998. Under the reign of King Canh Thinh (crowned in 1792). With the only ban on August 17, 1798. Some of the faithful near Dinh Cat hill (now Quang Tri town) have to seek shelter. They came to the refuge at La Vang. In the sacred forest, poisonous conditions, lack of food, disease, fear of the military, fear of animals. Believers only know a certainty of entrusting themselves to God and to the Blessed Mother. They often gather together under the old tree. Pray together, comfort and help each other.

Our Lady La Vang Epiphany

One day, while we were looking at our Lady. They suddenly see a beautiful woman, wide cloak, hand holding baby Jesus, there are two angels holding the lights on the two sides. They immediately recognized the Virgin Mary. Mother shows kindness, affection, and comfort to the laity. Mother taught to pick a leaf that is available around it, bring water to heal the disease. Mother promised her: “Mother accepted your request. From now onwards, whenever anyone comes to invoke her in this place, she will receive her blessing as she wishes. “

Since then the events of Our Lady appear in the forest of La Vang, through generations spread everywhere. And many sincere believers, come to pray Mother is grateful to the will. Our Lady of La Vang is often symbolized by a Vietnamese woman in ao dai …

Visiting La Vang Holy Land

In the heart of the Holy Land, today remains the bell tower of the Basilica of Our Lady of La Vang. This work was built from 1924 to 1929, major renovation in 1959. In the summer of 1972, the Basilica was destroyed by the war.

Viếng Thăm Thánh Địa La Vang Quảng Trị 02

Tower bell

At the supposed location of Our Lady appearing near the base of the old tree. A monumental monument was built with the image of three banyan trees and Our Lady of La Vang in the middle. And the statue of Our Lady of La Vang is also located in many places in the Holy Land. Our Lady is often depicted as a woman dressed in a Vietnamese tunic carrying a baby dressed in traditional Vietnamese costume.

Viếng Thăm Thánh Địa La Vang Quảng Trị 03

Statue of Mother Mary La Vang With 3 Trees

In front of the bell tower of the Basilica of Our Lady of La Vang is a large square. The two sides of the square are the Way of the Cross – a series of 14 sculptures, depicting the course of Jesus’ passion, from his condemnation to the crucifixion and finally burial in catacombs

Viếng Thăm Thánh Địa La Vang Quảng Trị 04

Well of Our Lady of La Vang

In addition, there is also the well of Our Lady of La Vang. Every believer arrives here to drink a sip of water to pay homage to Our Lady. Many believers believe well water can cure disease in the body.

La Vang Pilgrimage Festival

Viếng Thăm Thánh Địa La Vang Quảng Trị 05

Every year on August 15, La Vang hosts a pilgrimage festival. Called “Kao” (every three years there is a large “Kao”, called “Congress La Vang”). Pilgrims on this site can buy the leaves of the tree. A leaf that is usually used as a medicinal or cool drink, is healthy and has antibacterial properties, which is good for women after giving birth. Not only that, the visitors came here to pilgrimage and pray for the blessings that Catholics believe that the Lady will grace as well.

After a period of hiatus, since 1990, local authorities have allowed the ceremony to resume. La Vang has become the most important pilgrimage site of Vietnamese Catholics, with more than half a million pilgrims annually, as in 2008. The La Vang 29 Congress will be held in 2011 (every two years thereafter). 1 Congress). “

Today, along with the tourist sites nearby La Vang Holy Land has become and is a place typical of many visitors in and outside the country often visit, visit, learn when coming to the land of Quang Tri . You can use the service car pilgrimage of the Virgin Mary full, meaning


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