Da Nang Travel Destinations Should Go

Da Nang Travel Destinations Should Go in Vietnam.

Da Nang Travel Destinations Should Go. Where to go to Da Nang – What to eat? Da Nang promised land with many places to visit and travel is most appreciated. Mountain in the heart of the city, the sea in the sea. It could be called the port city, or city of bridges. The convergence of cross-cultural activities of all regions of the country. Regularly organize international fireworks examinations. The festive lights are colorful. Da Nang glows in the wave of development and outreach.

I. Attractions and travel in Da Nang

1. Sights and tours across the Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula is called “green pearl” of Danang. The favorite destination of the players. Conquer the winding streets. See the city from the top of the mountain. Drop yourself with a thousand clouds and sea. Streaks of water stretched out by fishing boats. The islands hide in the mist. Exhale the right feeling “Phượt” that nature in favor of this place. The beauty of wild mountains, Son Tra, Da Nang has come to know how many couples. On Sundays or the most beautiful day, it is not difficult to meet the bride and groom for wedding photography. Couples to check in to save the moment of happy days.

ban dao son tra da nang du lich phuot

1.1 Dong Dinh Museum – The Garden of Memory

Da Nang Tea Museum Da Nang – The garden of memories. Located on a steep sloping up Hoang Sa Road. The museum has become a unique cultural destination for visitors. A vivid rendition of ancient values ​​with a harmonious combination of preserving the forest ecological space with cultural and artistic spaces. Recreate the culture of Dai Viet, the culture of the fishing village of the Cham.

bao tang dong dinh son tra da nang10 1

bao tang dong dinh son tra da nang2 1

bao tang dong dinh son tra da nang6 1

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1.2 Son Tra Temple of Da Nang

Linh Ung Pagoda Da Nang Tea is considered the realm of the Buddha in the middle of the world. Located on the top of the mountain in Bai But, Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang (many referred to as Linh Ung Bai Beach or Linh Ung Pagoda Son Tra – because there are 3 Linh Ung Pagoda) overlooking the East Sea . On the other side is Cu Lao Cham Island , on the other side is the Hai Van to the other side is the Yen River is flowing to the sea.
 tham quan du lich chua linh ung son tra da nang3 1 tham quan du lich chua linh ung son tra da nang8 1
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1.3 Camping, Snorkeling at Son Tra Beach, Da Nang

Black Rock is one of the interesting camps in Son Tra Peninsula (see more about Mui Nghi), located at the foot of the northern mountains adjacent to the sea, close to the Cat Vang Beach Resort.

Camping : There is a lawn before the rocky beach, but not very large and less flat. Therefore, this camp site is less popular than Son Tra Mountain.

Sea bathing : You have a rocky beach for swimming, but here are all rocks, no sand, so the beach of course not happy as the sandy beaches. And the rocks exposed to the sea are many oysters sticking on it so you should be careful not to be bashed into people.

bai da den son tra da nang cam trai1 1 bai da den son tra da nang cam trai 1

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1.4 Da Nang Tea Painters Da Nang

Da Nang Tea Painters Da Nang. As the name implies, this is a unique bamboo reserve. A quiet forest with bamboo, greenery cool four seasons. The sound, streams of the day and night merged into each other, making the scene more lively but still peaceful, peaceful.

son tra tinh vien da nang son tra tinh vien da nang4

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1.5 Xanh Lake Son Tra in Da Nang

Da Nang Lake is also known as Bai Bai Lake, because the lake is located in Bai But. Green Lake is located on the way to Son Tra Mountain, Da Nang. The most attractive of green lake is the seagrass season, the flowers are full of flowers, floating like clouds, attracted a lot of young people here take pictures “happy”. And of course couples can not save the most beautiful moments, it is wedding photos.

ho xanh son tra diem chup anh cuoi da nang ho xanh son tra diem chup anh cuoi da nang1

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1.6 Travel the peak board Son Tra Da Nang

Peak of Da Nang Paint Board. The road is rugged but the scenery is beautiful. From here you can see the whole city of Da Nang. At the top is a set of stone chess pieces and the statue of a fairy is sitting.

du lich phuot dinh ban co son tra da nang

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“Thousand Thousand Lotus” Son Tra Da Nang

“Thousand Thousand Lotus” Son Tra Da Nang. Standing at the height of 700m, banyan trees stand in the middle of the sky with lush foliage. The tree is more than 20m high, hundreds of small roots attached to the deep deep in the mother’s land, the high green leafy um to the sea to create a unique landscape. Discovered in 1771, since then, Son Tra is considered one of the most majestic trees in Vietnam with 10m body, 26 additional roots, each root is about 25m.

cay da ngan nam son tra da nang 1

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Sightseeing and travel around the area of ​​Hoa Vang

Hoa Vang is the only suburban district located on the mainland of Da Nang City. The district occupies most of the land area of ​​Da Nang City, and also has many attractions and tourist attractions in Da Nang.

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Sightseeing and travel around the area of ​​Lien Chieu


Ba Na Tourist Area

The scenery is located on Mount Lord, at an altitude of 1,489 m above sea level, about 25 km from the center of the city, in Hoa Ninh, Hoa Vang, Da Nang. In the early 20th century, Ba Na was discovered by the French military while looking for new resorts. With a cool climate, the average temperature is only 18 degrees Celsius, where it is suitable for guests to enjoy the fresh air and scenery from above. In addition, Ba Na peak also has a French village with Western architecture, inside there are attractive games. In 2006, the Ba Na cable system began to be built, when completed has attracted a large number of visitors here. Picture:  Quang Tuyen

du lich ba na da nang 1

Son Tra Peninsula Resort: 

This is considered “green lung” of Da Nang city. This site belongs to Tho Quang ward, Son Tra district. Covering an area of ​​4,439 ha, Son Tra peninsula has rich fauna and flora and is preserved intact. The path leading up to Son Tra from the city center bends around the coast, embracing the edge of this peninsula. Picture:  Doan Nguyen.

Ngu Hanh Son Tourist Area: 

This attraction is located 8 km south east of Da Nang, including 6 limestone mountains: Kim Son, Moc Son, Thuy Son, Hoa Son (two tops) and Tho Son. Visitors to Ngu Hanh Son can feel the beauty of the sky, learn the values ​​of spiritual culture, history. Picture:  Le Hieu – Manh Thang.

ngu hanh son da nang 1

My Khe Beach Resort: 

In July 2013, My Khe Beach was  voted one of the six most attractive beaches in the world by Forbes Magazine  . This beach is about 900 m long, possesses flat sand beaches, waves suitable for bathing and playing sports on the sea. In addition, My Khe is not too far from the center, convenient transportation for travelers. Picture:  Quang Tuyen.

bai bien my khe da nang 1


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