Sapa Tours – Check Points not to be missed at Vietnam

Sapa Tours – Check Points not to be missed. Coming to Sapa, tourists not only enjoy the fresh air, the peaceful tranquility of a North West land. Sapa is also a destination for you to admire the wild beauty of terraced fields, waterfalls, majestic canyons, explore the customs and cultural beauty of mountainous ethnic groups such as H ‘Looking Black, Red Dzao, Tay, Dzáy …

Situated at an average altitude of 1500 – 1800 meters above sea level, Sapa Town is always in a breezy cloud, creating an exotic and beautifully beautiful picture. Here, there is invaluable resource that is cool fresh year-round climate, with an average temperature of 15-18 ° C.


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Check-in points can not be abandoned when traveling Sapa

Sapa Stone Church Lao Cai

Sapa stone church was built in 1895, this is considered an imprint of the ancient integrity of the French left. Situated in a central location of Sapa town, the stone church is considered the symbolic image of Sapa misty town.

With the Gotic architecture flying back and forth at the prime location of the stone church, there are many colorful festivals in the city. Sapa travel you will want to save yourself the impressive picture here, in the bold dark winter snow stone church brings a virtual glamor. Travelers like me are standing in the middle of the city of Paris.


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Lao Chai Ta Van – Sapa Lao Cai

About 7km from Sapa town, Lao Chai Ta Van is known as a place of residence of many ethnic people: Mong, Dzao, Dzay … If Sapa town is busy and busy, come to Lao Chai Ta Van You feel peaceful and serene to surprise. Stepping into the first impression makes you wonder is the vast terraced fields spread across the hillsides. If you go in April and September, you will have the opportunity to see the golden rice fields as a beautiful landscape painting. Rice season is also the time where the village is fun and warm. The aromatic rice is blossoming into the wind, spreading in space as inviting tourists to come and experience the life of the people of the mountain region.


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Overview of Lao Van Ta Van – Sapa

To understand the life of the people here you have to sleep one night in the village, enjoy the dishes are cultivated from the hands of hard-working people in the northwest highlands. That would be an unforgettable experience in life. The life of the people here is also much warmer, the electricity has been pulled back to the village so you can spend the evening with the people watching TV, reading or asking them about a lot of things that you still I wonder about the culture of living of ethnic people here.

After a day with so many exciting experiences, visitors fall asleep in the padded cushions prepared by the people before. So Sapa travel will be full of emotion when coming to Lao Chai Ta Van. Early morning cock crows on the hill make you wake up. The feeling of peace and strange and suddenly memories of the old rush back, your soul has never been so relaxed.


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Ham Rong Mountain – Sapa Lao Cai

Rong Ham Rong is like a giant rock climbing the top of the dragon. Situated in the majestic Hoang Lien Son mountain Ham Rong mountain is located near the beautiful town of Sapa. This tourist site is associated with a legend from the wilderness of a pair of Dragons because they are engrossed in tangerine together without knowing the flood is massively rushed to. Despite the distance, but the dragon is always towards the dragon in the Hoang Lien Son range west.


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After a few minutes of walking visitors will set foot in the garden of hundreds of thousands of colorful photos next to it is a small shrub color peach blossom, flowers between spring. Next is the forest with a feeling like the place where the fangs, the imagination of the ancient people are the claws, like the dragon. In the cave where the cliffs are hiding something mysterious, suddenly appeared through the idea of ​​each person. Follow the cliff is the way up to the sky one and two, you will stand on the rock soak in the feeling of flying gliding at the view of the city in the fog. Where this heaven and earth meet, the other is the cloud guy does not hide dream with her rock, in the dim light shimmering. Not only do you enjoy the beauty of the sky, but also enjoy the fresh air of Sa Pa air. So much anxiety, depression in the heart suddenly vanished.


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Phan Xi Pan peak – Sapa

Conquering Mount Xi Pang becomes a burning desire for all those who love adventure, adventure. On the way to conquer Phan Xi Pang peak tourists also have the opportunity to discover the wonderful nature of the Hoang Lien. To the height of 2.400m you feel like the wind of clouds mixed with forest trees, spreading the hand as if it can be clouded. From the height of 2.800m, cloud clouds suddenly disappear, clear sky, clear blue. Only the wind blows the vegetation to stick to the stone. Next to Leo you will see a huge stone block is covered by small stones like the table. Phan Xi Pang peak there! People call it “Hua Si Pan” meaning large rock. So you have finished the adventure then.


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Cat Cat village – Sapa

Cat Cat is one of the famous tourist attractions in Sapa. After a 2 km journey from  Sapa town, tourists will come to the village to start exploring the beautiful life of the Mong people. The first impression when you come here is the very serene scene with the folds of 3-storey house in the traditional style of wooden fog roofing. They live together and cultivate near the land. This creates a close link in the community of people living in the village.

Cat Cat also preserves traditional handicrafts such as cotton, linen, weaving. Brocade products here are highly valued for the sophistication, the rich in decorative motifs, especially the indigo dyeing techniques of the Mong. After dyeing, people roll the cloth on a round log on a flat stone with waxed beeswax. You also have the opportunity to own the silver jewelry products are very sophisticated, beautiful.


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