Can Tho Floating Market at VietNam

Can Tho Floating Market. This is one of the three largest floating markets in Can Tho. Here, we specialize in trading fruits and specialties of the Mekong Delta. And it’s the most exciting and exciting experience in the world when it comes to visiting this place!

Sail to Cai Rang floating market.

Why this place is known as Cai Rang floating market . Because this market is located on Cai Rang River, so named. To Can Tho, you go to Ninh Kieu wharf, to go boat to Cai Rang floating market . about 6 km from the city center.

If you go to the east, you can rent private boats also, the boat can carry from 10 to 12 people with the price from 500,000 to 800,000 VND depending on your bargaining power. Pay an additional 10,000 VND if you would like to visit Can Tho.

Feeling immersed in the water of the plain features the south. Will definitely leave a lot of beautiful memories about the Can Tho Rock Floating Market


Chợ Nổi Cái Răng Cần Thơ

The famous fruit market in Can Tho

Time of trading goods of Cai Rang Floating Market

Cai Rang floating market meeting pretty early from about 4, 5 am the boat boats have started to market so you need to go a little early, calculate the time to be able to market the most crowded.

Get off at Ninh Kieu wharf to get to the floating market at 4:30, about 5 hours you are here. At this time it is still a bit dark, the sun does not show up plus the wind on the river breeze blowing you are quite sleepy.

However, the sales of the market will make you overcome sleep and return to the “fun”. Make sure you do not fall asleep, because the floating market will be sad!

Chợ Nổi Cái Răng Cần Thơ 01

Cai Rang Floating Market – Huu Tinh Water

Boats floating by the water, do not need to drive the boat to the machine but also drifting by the gentle wind, free man. We can see the blue watermelon fruit is stretched round the water, the red color of the rambutan, yellow color of the label, strawberry, brown red color of brown sweet mangle sweet sour Deep in the small segments, the pumpkin is large circular order on the row in the way, … Fruit, agricultural products here. It always brings in the sweetness of the gentle river all year around with abundant alluvium accretion. It carries in the heart of the rich, the foot of the lake all year round living on the river. Although loud, loud but honest, foot country bold South.

Chợ Nổi Cái Răng Cần Thơ 02

Visitors to Cai Rang floating market

Can Tho is referred to Cai Rang floating market

Many people from remote areas are curious because they have not seen the floating market of this river that has been heard for so long, has not been gone only when visiting Can Tho then have to go to the floating market. OK. Although one night stay late at Tay Do Street, admire Ninh Kieu wharf, eat hot pot, Duck cook but still try to wake up early to Cai Rang floating market said.

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