Buu Long Tourist Area – Dong Nai Province

Turn to Buu Long – Dong Nai Tourist Area. Buu Long Park was established in the early 70s, 84 ha wide, with an average height of 100m above sea level, including mountains, lakes, caves and protected pagodas. embellish and embellish. Rated by the Ministry of Culture as a National Graveyard in 1990 with natural landscapes, it creates a romantic Buu Long.

Khu Du Lịch Bửu Long - Đồng Nai

Why is it called Buu Long Tourist Area?

A breathtaking panoramic lake in the heart of the city has made the Buu Long Resort a beauty of the famous Halong Bay. It is a unique feature of nature and cultural history, in 1990 Buu Long tourist area has been recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Information as National Monument.

Get out of the bustle of life, you can relax yourself by the blue lake or sit on the boat swan around Long An Lake. If you want to look at each small mountain rise from the lake, to the natural corner of the area known as the valley of love it also takes a lot of time.

The name of the lake and Long An mountain is based on the legend of the ancient Gia Long king who had lived here since the refugee.

According to many tourists, the air is very cool, there are lakes, rivers, mountains and tourists can learn the history of Dong Nai people and learn Buddhist culture.

Khu Du Lịch Bửu Long - Đồng Nai 1

Check-in Ho Long An Tourist Attractions – Long Lake

Lake clusters in the south-east of Buu Long landscapes, including two lakes (Long Van, Long An) are man-made close together. * Long An Lake is located at the foot of Long An Mountain, formerly a small lake due to the previously exploited rock has formed in conjunction with the impact of nature such as climate, rain and wind that form …

The lake has an area of ​​18.5ha, the deepest place is about 20-22m, the water is in backwater, in the dry season, the water level is less than 1m. The east side of the lake is a straight, uneven, convex wall that does not form a certain shape. The south side of the lake is less rocky than the west, which is adjacent to provincial road 24, in the middle of the lake. As big as a small island on which there are many trees growing around, on the lake there are many large and small alcoves scattered. Especially in the south-west, there are 4 stone blocks connected with beautiful shape, making it attractive to tourists like “Halong Bay miniature”.

Ho Long An – Long Lake “Halong Bay miniature” of the South.

Long Van Lake is located in the middle of Long An Mountain and Binh Dien Mountain, the lake is always blue and calm because there is no rock rising up like Long An Lake, so the landscape is charming and very poetic.


“Dong Nai winding currents 
Encircling Thanh Hoi, Hoa Binh Village prevent 
Buu Long defend a fort 
there alcohol ball inside the green route 
Buu Phong Pagoda ancient spiritual 
stone tiger superimposed figurative stone dragon.”

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Places to visit the ancient temple of Buu Phong

Bửu Phong is an original amulet that was built by the monk Buu Phong in 1616 and named for his pagoda. In 1678, a group of Chinese militia, subordinate general Tran Thuong Xuyen of the Ming Dynasty against the Qing army arrived at the refugee pagoda and rebuilt with brick and tile, inviting the great monk Hoang Long Duong Thanh Tri as his father, 1829 a group of Chinese lovers revived under ancient Chinese architecture.

Pilgrimage Point of Tourism Buu Phong Co

The pagoda is built of brick, the front roof has four Han characters written “Buu Phong Co Tu”, under 1616 (construction year of the temple). Below there is a stepping stone, followed by a small road about 30 meters east to the temple grounds. In front of the pagoda, there is a statue of Buddha of Quan Yin Nam Hai (standing Buddha, 3.50m high), located in the lotus and about 20m from the well of King Gia Long (1789).

According to the legend, when Nguyen Anh was attacked by the Tay So’n troops from Phú Xuân-Huế, he stopped on the way and dug a well for water and around the city to the bottom of a stone square. beautiful (now still rocks to build up well high). In front of the Buddha statues are three octagonal stupas, four stories of blue stone, behind the statue of Buddha is a column of 5m high iron hollow, octagonal column with 2.50m high, 1.30m high, stone green.

Khu Du Lịch Bửu Long - Đồng Nai 3

Thien Hau Temple Stock

Previously near the Dong Nai River, it was then built and moved to the site at the foot of Long An Mountain. Thien Hau ancient shrine worship Thien Hau, Mr. Stone professors and Mr. Quan. Every 3 years on 10/6 AL Lady Thien Hau temple is a one time, the day is held 3 consecutive days: 2 salty, 1 vegetarian, organize performances for local guests. Especially, the Hoa people from Ho Chi Minh City and many tourists gather here to make a big festival in the center of Buu Long.

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Long Son Thach Dong Temple

Hang Pagoda was originally a natural rock cave deep into a large rock, 1.3 meters wide mouth gradually into the shape of the cave like the frog. See the cave has a beautiful shape with a mysterious feature, so in 1927, he was a stone worker in the mountain below the small Buddha statue and incense burner in the cave and each afternoon he came to incense, knock the bridge Please gradually over the years, visitors to the roof to build the roof and people called Hang Pagoda (Long Son Thach Dong).

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Zoo – Prehistoric Animals

This is a small garden of about 2 hectares with many kinds of birds such as monkeys, swans, green parrots, gray parrot, green wing macaws, green, white, black, black and blue. the number of chickens … in particular, the prehistoric animal monster collection is re-enacted: dinosaurs fire (about 8m high), dragonfly, mammoth, rhinoceros 9 horns, flame geckos and volcanic .

Khu Du Lịch Bửu Long - Đồng Nai 6

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